Gold Food Boards

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Industry: Food Grade Products
Category: Bakery

This is our line of laminated corrugated gold cake boards that add special merchandising appeal to all of your products. Not flimsy, this gold board is as sturdy and resilient as our Classic line of products and the extra shiny surface is complemented by a scalloped trim for added elegance. Available in the following sizes: 8” round; 9” round; 10” round; 12” diameter; 13.75”x9.75” (fits ¼ sheet); 18.75”x13.75” (fits ½ sheet and comes in single and double walled thicknesses).

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Our superior laminated gold cake boards give you more:

  • Easy to clean and leaves no stains, allowing decorating mistakes to be corrected without waste.
  • With no absorption of moisture, it keeps your product fresher longer, making it more eye appealing and improving product quality control.
  • Your product pulls away clean from our board if your customer chooses to move it to another tray for in-home presentation
  • Freezer durable
  • FDA approved and AIB International food-safe certified facility
  • Includes an elegant upscale gold doily border; can also be custom printed with your name
  • Patented and manufactured in the USA 

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