Custom Printing

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Industry: Food Grade Products
Category: Bakery
Product Code: Custom Printing

This is where we put a bit of you into the product. We will work with you and get you a design and board that you can call your own. Typically this will have our “Classic” design and we drop in Art for your company giving you branding power down to the last slice of cake.

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Build Repeat and Referral Opportunities Through Custom Printing.

Custom printing of your bakery boards promotes your company with “Point of Consumption” advertising:

  • When your container box or bag gets tossed away at home, your cake board messaging stays in front of your customer and their family and guests
  • This helps to create word-of-mouth advertising and boost customer referrals; your most cost effective approach to building brand awareness
  • We can drop in your logo giving you branding power to the last slice of product
  • With our design capabilities, we can even help you create & print anything you’d like on your boards (see our gallery for ideas)

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