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Euroboard is the rigid graphic gray board with the best lay flat, stay flat properties.

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Featuring a lay flay, gray, stay flat, smooth even surface, with accurate calipers and sizes for optimal runability. Easy to rotary cut, die cut, crease, score, drill, punch and groove. Eurobard is often used for book covers, luxury packaging, ring binders, albums, gaem boards, displays, and game boxes. Made of 100% recycled, recovered paper. It's compostable, biodegradable and recycleable.

Binders Board

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.050 x 34" x 42"
.050 x 34" x 52"
.050 x 30 1/2" x 40 1/2"

.070 x 46 1/2 "x 60 1/2"

.080 x 26" x 38"
.080 x 34" x 52"
.080 x 40 1/2" x 47 1/2"

.098 x 26" x 38"

.118 x 30 3/4" x 36 3/4"
.118 x 26" x 38"

Tags: Euroboard

Minimums apply for custom made Euroboard sizes up to 47" x 63 and for custom made Euroboard thicknesses:
.040" - .157"

Tags: Euroboard

Lamitech's ability to line Euroboard with a variety of substrates on one or two sides. This allows our customers to create very unique packaging solutions for their applications. For example we can line colored paper, textured paper, shiny foil, pressure sensitive, and any other flexible media.

For example:

Tags: Euroboard