Classic Cake Trays

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Industry: Food Grade Products
Category: Bakery

This is our line of laminated rectangle corrugated sheet cake trays printed with an elegant gold floral border design with a scalloped trim.

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Our superior laminated cake trays give you more:

  • Easy to clean and leaves no stains, allowing decorating mistakes to be corrected without waste.
  • With no absorption of moisture, it keeps your product fresher longer, making it more eye appealing and improving product quality control.
  • Your product pulls away clean from our board if your customer chooses to move it to another tray for in-home presentation
  • Freezer durable
  • FDA approved and AIB International food-safe certified facility
  • Includes an elegant upscale gold doily border; can also be custom printed with your name
  • Patented and manufactured in the USA
Spotlight Your Creations With a Custom Printed Board That Reinforces Your Quality Reputation

Tags: Signature Food Boards

Available in the following sizes: 10.125”x7.375”; 13.75”x9.75”; 18.75”x13.75” (standard and double-walled thicknesses);

17.5”x25.5” (double-walled thickness only).

We also have sizes in plain white for those want a clean white board.

Tags: Signature Food Boards