Mylar Wallpaper Grounds

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Industry: Wallpaper
Category: Foil
Product Code: mylar

Mylar is available in 1/2 and 1 mil in web form. For use in wallpaper grounds

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Providing an smooth surface for decorative purposes such as box making, stamping and embossing.
Minimums apply for custom made alrger sizes. Cut down to size is alosn avaialble for an additional fee. A non-woven backing can be added.
This product is also available in Ponyskin and Brushed Matte embossing patterns.

Tags: Wallpaper Grounds

All 30 1/2" Wide

   1 Mil Bright Silver
1/2 Mil Bright Silver

   1 Mil Matte Silver
1/2 Mil Matte Silver

    1 Mil Bright Gold
1/2 Mil Bright Gold

1/2 Mil Matte Champagne
1.2 Mil Matte Pink
1 Mil Gloss White
1.2 Mil Gloss Black

Custom is avaialble.

Tags: Wallpaper Grounds