About Lamitech

  • Lamitech Headquarters

    Our Corporate Headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey is home to most of our sales staff, the support staff and manufacturing.

  • Inventory 2

    We service the needs of our customers with speed and reliability.

  • Extensive Inventory

    Stocking an extensive inventory for same day shipping or converting.

  • Inventory

    Lamitech carries of thousands of tons of inventory on hand to ensure we have the items you are looking for.

  • Production

    Full service manufacturer of custom Paperboard sheets and rolls

  • The Right Materials Available Right Away

    The right solution for every requirement - Lamitech manufactures both standard and specialty grades of paperboard

We are a Fully Integrated and Independent Paperboard Manufacturing Company

Lamitech Inc. is a fully integrated and independent paperboard manufacturing company, with internal capabilities for laminating, manufacturing and converting. Lamitech supplies an exceptional range of boards for a variety of industries: signage and display, box grade, mounting/finishing/die cutting, lampshades, wallpaper, specialty laminating, printer grades, pressure sensitive boards, packaging and food grade products. Using a range of the finest virgin grades to the more cost-efficient recycled paper stock, Lamitech can provide the mix of quality and price to meet all of its customers’ needs. Lamitech’s reputation has been based on providing a superior range of converting services, matched with delivery reliability, including: foil laminating and stamping, precision sheeting, scoring, round corner cutting, die cutting, mounting and private label program management. The line is constantly being revised and updated to keep up with changing customer requirements and in response to the rapid evolution of digital printing techniques.

As an independent converter, we offer the customer service and attention to detail that is often overlooked by large mills. We have tremendous flexibility in our production and planning allowing Lamitech to provide both outstanding quality and extremely quick turnaround on all customer orders. Our expertise & service can be your secret shortcut to the quick turnaround and flawless product quality that can separate you from your competition. Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey; Lamitech also has locations in Santa Cruz, California and Rockland, Massachusetts.

  • The Team

    The team at Lamitech strives to be different. We value integrity, efficiency and doing that little bit extra. Meet our team members from around the country and decide for yourself. We never sleep so any time is a good time!

  • Rolls or Sheets

    With many years of experience in the paperboard industry, Lamitech offers in-house roll slitting, sheeting, roll rewinding and guillotine cutting. With our state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff, we can satisfy any converting need with our industry leading turn around times.

  • Trimming

    We have six guillotines for trimming and square cutting evenly cut sheets. Our experienced team are equipped with the most up do date cutting equipment, and are able to cut paperboard to any requested size.

Our Mission Statement: 

We are 100% dedicated to serve our Customers, adding value to their operations through the manufacture of high-quality, state-of-the-industry paperboard products for food packaging, printing products, custom laminating and other converting services delivered on a timely basis.

Our Values:


Commitment - Never say “no” by diligently searching for solutions to Customers’ needs by utilizing our depth of resources.

Leadership - Through solid relationships with Customers and vendors, create an open environment for full and honest dialogue as well as exchange of information and feedback for continuous process improvement which creates mutually beneficial outcomes.

Integrity - Retain trust and respect by acknowledging the value of each person’s contribution to company goals. Foster teamwork and lateral service among our co-workers and suppliers so the needs of our Customers and each other are met.

Empowerment - Enable superior performance of our employees through active coaching, offering fair compensation and providing a safe and healthy work environment where our people can learn and grow towards achieving their full potential.

Quality - Do the right things right. Create an atmosphere of “quality first”, where all team members provide involvement in following the established protocols to consistently produce and deliver the highest quality products and services.

Service - Instill a culture of exceeding Customers’ requests in a competent and timely manner. As service professionals, we will reinforce our corporate image each and every day and in every Customer interaction to ensure satisfaction, retention and loyalty.


The Paperboard Specialists

Team Members

Lamitech’s team is made up of a healthy combination of experience, enthusiasm, industry knowledge, and most of all good listeners. We have a great mixture of personalities with a core of long service employees, many of them with over 25 years of experience. We have always tried to establish a close relationship with all of our customers, whether face to face with our outside sales team or on the phone with the inside sales.

Our production facility is American Institute of Baking (AIB) International certified for food packaging safety